Charlie Noble - Pistachio RY4 60ml Bottle

Charlie Noble - Pistachio RY4 60ml Bottle

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Bright pistachio, layered with a delicious blend of vanilla, caramel, and light tobacco. The flavors play off one another to create a smooth, sophisticated vape

80% VG



Electronic Cigarettes may contain nicotine. Nicotine is known to be a highly and dangerous poison. Misuse or overdose of nicotine may result in serious health risk or death.

Nicotine products should not be used by people under the legal smoking age, people with kidney disease, heart disease including angina, heart failure, high blood pressure, problems with heart rate or rhythm, patients who have suffered a recent heart attack or stroke overactive thyroid gland, diabetes, Pheochromocytoma (a tumor of the adrenal gland that can affect blood pressure), inflammation of the esohpagus, inflammation of the lining of the stomach (gastritus), stomach ulcer, dualdenal ulcer, skin problems, long term throat problems, difficulty breath because of bronchitus,emphysema or asthma. Nicotine should not be used by women who are pregnant,expecting to become pregrant or who are breast feeding. Do not ingest or allow nicotine to soak into the skin. Keep but of reach of children and away from pets. Use only as directed. The buyer of this product assumes all risks and liabilities associated with the consumption and handling of nicotine. This product is not evaulated by the FDA – use at your own risk.
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