So What's In An Ohm?

If you’ve been shopping for electronic cigarettes, you've undoubtedly seen the terms “ohm” or “Low/High Resistance listed with clearomizers, cartomizers and their replacement parts.  Even if you know what the terms mean, if you’re new to electronic cigarettes it can be very confusing when you’re just looking to order replacement atomizers or want to try the new tank everyone is talking about.

To simplify the definition, ohms is a measure of electrical resistance to calculate how freely electricity is able to travel through an object. 

When we’re talking about ohms in relation to electronic cigarettes what we’re really concerned with is what kind of heat the coil is generating to evaporate our E-Liquid.

There are two variables that determine how hot the coil element gets; battery voltage and the ohm rating of clearomizers/cartomizers.  Higher battery voltage and lower resistance (ohms) both create more heat for evaporation.  Heat produced by the electronic cigarettes will impact flavor, vapor production and your overall experience. Using ohms we can fine tune the vapor production and flavor that best matches the batteries we own.

Here is a basic break down of the differences you will likely see between a low (1.8ohm) resistance atomizer and a standard (2.5ohm) resistance head:

Lower ohms or Higher Voltage                                                     Higher ohms or Lower Voltage
 Allows more electricity to flow                                                      Allow less electricity to flow
Creates more heat at the coil                                                       Creates less heat at the coil
Creates more vapor                                                                     Creates less vapor
Provides warmer vapor                                                                Provides cooler vapor
May intensifying or diminish flavor                                               May intensifying or diminish flavor
Quicker battery drainage                                                             Normal battery drainage
Dry hits are more likely                                                                Dry hits are less likely
May shorten the battery life                                                         Normal battery life expectancy
Tanks needs more frequent refilling                                             E-Liquids last longer
Creates a stronger throat hit                                                        Throat hit is smooth or mild

As you can see, there are several opposing points and each has its pros and cons.  There is no right or wrong way of ohm selection.  It really is a matter of personal preference. Ideally you want to get the lowest ohm rating that won’t result in dry hits or rapid battery drainage. This will give you the best vapor production, throat hit and usually the best flavor.

Good luck!

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