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 Electronic Cigarette Associations


CASAA - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association 


TVECA - The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association


AEMSA - American E-Liquid Manufacturers Standards Association



SFATA -  Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association



Electronic Cigarette Forums & Educational Sites


E-Cigarette Forum - This forum is nicely arranged between topics related to electronic cigarettes and those of E-Liquids.  It's a great source of information but does have strict rules about membership. There are a series of posting guidelines so don't walk in expecting to be able to jump in to any discussion you want.  There are several different levels of membership based on your participation in the forum and very clear guidelines on how to obtain the next level.  All new members may only post to the new members forum.  Don't be discouraged though because you only need to post five times to move on to the general discussion area.  


E-Cig Education - This is hands down the most well laid out and detailed informational site we have discovered.  The site covers a wide array of topics and is written in a manner even the most novice of vapers can understand.  In fact the owner of this site has saved us a lot of time, having answered all your questions before you even knew you had them.   

Electronic Cigarette - A directory of local electronic cigarette stores. 














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