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Northeast Vapor Supplies LLC, founded in mid 2012, is headquartered in Old Saybrook,CT and is owned and operated by husband and wife team Tim and April Meyers.  Both were pack-a-day smokers for over 20 years.  They had tried giving up numerous times with little success.  They'd tried patches, gums, hypnosis, Welbutrin and Chantix.  Nothing worked.  Both had quit for short bursts now and again but they always fell back to the process that had become a part of their identities over the years. The desire to quit was there but the tool  was not.

                                                            ……until they discovered electronic vapor devices.

The nicotine delivered in electronic cigarette products satisfied their cravings and the vapor delivered a flavorful simulated experience that eased them off of tobacco products in a very short period of time with minimal physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms.  The process was natural and effortless.  They were so excited about electronic cigarettes that they began researching products so that they could share their experience with you and have selected only the most durable and reliable products available on the market. 

 Since then, Tim and April have added a wholesale program dedicated to placing their deliciously pure liquids in other stores.  

If you are a smoker interested in an alternative to tobacco and/or reducing your nicotine levels then Northeast Vapor is happy to help you find a product to match your needs. 

Here is a quick break down of the cost savings you can enjoy as well as some of the benefits the use of electronic cigarette can offer:

An electronic cigarette starter kit on average, with ELiquid and supplies, costs $60.00. 

The average cost per day of an electronic cigarette (including replacement tanks, atomizer heads and E-Liquid) is $2.15. 

The average cost per month is $64.50.

The average cost per year is $768.00

 Savings per month:         $185.50
 Savings per year:            $2243.00

This is just replacement savings.  Giving up vaping and tobacco products adds up to $3011.00 per year!!!!


In addition to cost savings, a transition to vapor means

No ash or cigarette butt
No bad odor on clothes or breath
Large variety of flavors and nicotine strengths

If you are ready to make the switch, then Northeast Vapor Supplies is ready to help. 

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