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(Copied from Female First Magazine - UK)


Smokers fitter after switching to electronic cigarettes

9 May 2013

Smokers who switch their tobacco for electronic cigarettes report improved lung capacity and are better able to tackle strenuous tasks, according to new data.

The study found almost three quarters of the e-cig users felt fitter after making the switch and were better able to exercise – and almost a quarter had been medically assessed as being in better condition.

More than 1000 e-cig users who had switched from tobacco cigarettes were surveyed in a study by ecigarettedirect.co.uk believed to be the most significant analysis of UK e-cig use yet conducted.

Scientist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, who studied the data independently, said it showed some encouraging outcomes for

He said: “In a group of motivated e-cigarette users we observe positive effects on respiratory function, while duration of e-cigarette use is associated with improvement in cough symptoms and exercise capacity.

“However, less beneficial effects were observed in users who continue to smoke, indicating that e-cigarettes should be used as a complete substitute for Smoking.”

Almost all of the participants – 98% - smoked less tobacco after taking up e-cigs with just 1.6% saying they had started using e-cigs despite not being smokers before.

More than three quarters – 77% - now only ‘vape’ – meaning they only use e-cigs and have managed to quit tobacco altogether.

Almost two thirds, 63.9% of e-cig users had a significant improvement with recurring ‘smoker’s’ cough after ditching tobacco. While just less than 3.4% felt their cough was unchanged or worse.

One of the most important outcomes from the survey showed 70% of ‘vapers’ noticed increased lung capacity since switching to e-cigs, with 22.2% of these cases being confirmed by a doctor.

Almost three quarters of those questioned - 72.9% - reported improved ability while exercising while only 18.2% said their fitness level had stayed the same and just 0.8% stated their ability to exercise had worsened.

And exactly two thirds – 66% - said they also noticed improved performance when tackling strenuous daily tasks.

James Dunworth co-founder of e-cigarettedirect.co.uk commented “It is extremely pleasing to see over three quarters of those involved in the study had switched completely to electronic cigarettes, especially as Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos's analysis of our survey suggests that it is these vapers who will get the greatest benefits from using e-cigarettes.”

by Taryn Davies 


Read more: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/health/smokers-fitter-after-switching-to-electronic-cigarettes-291719.html#ixzz2SnwhJcgU


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