CASAA Call To Action Coming for Connecticut

Posted on March 02, 2013 | 0 comments

 I recently had a discussion with a CASAA representative who informed me that a bill has been introduced to the CT senate that would lump electronic cigarettes into the current tobacco ban in our state. This means that when legislation passes disallowing parents to smoke in cars with kids you won't be able to vape either. It means those of you currently vaping in stores, restaurants, bars and at work will lose that too. It also means you can't vape in our store. This is no joke.

As soon as the information is in my hands have no doubt I will be making an appearance to our capital and petitioning against this legislation. We need your support on this. Should this bill pass it would make any further eCig legislation that much easier to pass. 

One important area we can kill this would be by introducing a ban on sale to minors (not that we would ever sell to minors) and letting that pass through as a stand alone measure.  This might quiet senate enough to allow the other measures to die down. 

As soon as we have more information we will share it along with ways you can help. All this bill would succeed at if passed would be putting those of us who gave up smoking but aren't yet off the nicotine right back on it. Hell no! This is very personal to us all. Now is not the time to sit by and watch it happen.

Your voice does count and we need you to use it loudly.

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