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Posted on February 18, 2013 | 0 comments

Halo has finally arrived on our shelves and after four weeks of demos we are VERY impressed.  Our first launch of these products was at a closed corporate event we vended at over the weekend and they were received with rave reviews by those new to eCigs as well as by those who've formerly tried out Blu's Njoys, Green Smokes, etc. These products are flat out reliable and blowing our minds with their performance.  I did have one little hiccup with a frizting battery but Halo stood behind their warranty and replaced it immediately.  That warranty is extended to you through us.

Speaking of events, our first event as vendors was a HUGE success.  We welcomed roughly 100 new customers to our store and introduced a good 60% of them to the eCig for the very first time. The process was exhausting because we don't just sell a product; anyone can do that.  Here at Northeast Vapor Supplies we ask questions to better understand our customer's habits and lifestyles so that we can match a product to their needs. Once that's done, we educate.  We also spent hours creating custom weaning plans for several of our new *family* as part of our exclusive How To Be Tobacco & Nicotine Free program, a program available to each and every one of you. Just call or stop in for yours.

We anticipate that many of them will be using our web to reorder products so plan to spend the week updating things here as well as restocking our shelves and updating our new POS system so that it makes your purchase experience easier.

The best news?  The Chinese New year is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Expect APVs, Vision V3 tanks and many other low inventory products to return to our shelves soon. 

For those of you waiting on the ProVaris, we will be speaking directly with ProVape in the next day or two hoping they opt to cut us a break that makes ordering their APVs continually worth our while so that we can offer them to you more frequently and with some consistency.

As ever, we thank you for your support.  Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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